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About Us

P.I.R. Systems Ltd

Founded in 1994, P.I.R. Systems Ltd. holds the first place throughout Cyprus for providing protection and security not only to privately owned property but also to government buildings. The company is based in Nicosia with customers extending all over Cyprus. The employees always maintain a professional attitude towards their clients resulting in their job being performed easily, quickly and with the utmost accuracy.

Protecting yourself and your property means taking advantage of the best possible security systems available. As a growing industry, the installation of security systems has become a very competitive market. This means that there are many competent companies in Cyprus available to seek services from.

P.I.R. Systems Ltd. has gained a renowned reputation throughout Cyprus for being the most reliable and professional company for installing security systems. It has succeeded in making this possible by providing its customers with the best service and best products currently available, therefore bringing it to the top of the line for security systems companies.

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We specializes in all aspects of security systems ranging from

  • Burglar Alarm Systems, (Domestic, Industrial and Wireless)
  • Fire Alarm Systems (Analogue Addressable and Conventional),
  • Fire Fighting systems
  • CCTV Solutions, (Closed circuit TV Systems)
  • Access control Systems, (Stand Alone and Computer Control systems)
  • Tagging Systems,
  • Video Door phone systems, (Domestic and Multistory installations)
  • Nurse Call Systems,
  • Technical Support and Maintenance

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