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Alarm Receiving Center

Alarm Receiving Center

P.I.R Systems Ltd. having the criterion of the triptych of Technology – Experience – Human Potentiality. We have created the Central Station with the intention to offer security services, with high standards.

Equipped with super modern reception and processing of signs software, operates perfectly the shaft technology. Under the suppleness that discriminates it, it adapts straight in every requirement, offers to its customers the volume of pioneer supplies and balances the top ranking companies of abroad.

With full knowledge and immediate perception of the needs, it was set up in contemporary patterns investing the necessary capital. It was established both for the present and for the future, making productive the past experiences and succeeded to become a source of organizational and operational system.

Selected with very strict criteria, its fully skilled security personnel, P.I.R Systems Ltd. encounters immediately every incident either primate or secondary and guarantees for the service and security of its clients during the whole day (24 hours service) and all year round.

Who looks after your house or firm while you are either on holidays or while you are asleep? With the security system, you can enjoy your holidays and sleep quiet knowing that our central station governs for you, your house or your firm.

The Central Station of the receipt of information of P.I.R Systems Ltd. has the ability to notify, when you are unable to do so, the police quarters, the fire department or even for a medical assistance.

The connection with the central station of the receipt of information means saving! With the connection of the security system to the Central Station of the receipt of information the security of your house or firm can be reduced by 20%! You may ask your agent for more particulars.

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The central station of P.I.R Systems Ltd. OFFERS to its clients the pioneer services that comprehends every demand such as:

  • 24 hours support
  • Medical support
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Visit your house or your company in a case of alarm from 20:00 to 08:00
  • ON-OFF checking through pre-assigned working hours
  • Specialised temperature, gas, humidity controls, etc.
  • Supervision of medical requirement in old people, patients, etc.


Provides the uninterrupted protection of its clients since offers full safety equipment, such as:

  • U.P.S. And electric generator that support all the station’s vital machinery.
  • Independent batteries in all signal receivers and in the switchboard.
  • Computers with On-Line network that can replace immediately the central computer in case of a
  • malfunction.
  • Printers that record continuously all the incoming signals in primary form.
  • Plants with full security system, access control and perimetric supervision on a 24 hours basis.


Primate Area And People Security Signals Primate Technical Kind Signals Subsidiary Signals of instructional Kind
Panic-Personal Threat Outage Arm ON
Burglary Low Battery Voltage Disarm OFF
Fire Trouble Bypass – Restore Zone
Medical Assistance   Restore of Electricity
Ambush   Restore Of Battery
Sabotage   Identification Of User
Flooding   Countermand Disruption
Temperature Inspection    
Tracking Gas Leakage    


  • Control of arm – disarm according to pre assigned working hours
  • Control of good function of the telephone line every 24 hours.


For every connected subscriber of P.I.R Systems Ltd. a contract of provision of services is issued under which every subscriber and every co-operator / piper is secured.

Our co-operators receive on a daily basis, any kind of report he wishes and which reflects to the operation figure of the alarm systems of his subscribed clients.  The task is sent either by Fax or by E-mail.

Every connected subscriber if he so wishes, may receive at the beginning of each month a detailed report for the whole movement of the signals of the system for the month ended

  • By E-mail
  • By Fax

Our firm holds intermittently meeting with its co-operators, in order to inform them of any developments in the area of the services of P.I.R Systems Ltd. as well as to exchange ideas and opinions with the intention of achieving a better consolidated co-operation.

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